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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

What is “cut size”

Here at Tarpeze we believe in making chosing your tarp as easy as possble. Therefore all our tarpaulin sizes are exactly as stated in our description +/- 2% tolerance.

Other Suppliers will mention 'cut sizes' which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore, expect the 'finished' size from other suppliers to be up to a maximum of 30cm’s shorter than the advertised size.

Do you offer a guarantee to the lifespan of your tarpaulins?

No. As all our tarpaulins are subject to varying weather conditions and put to so many different uses we cannot guarantee the length of time they will last. A heavier grade tarpaulin is more likely to last longer than an economy grade tarp. To maximize the lifespan of your tarpaulin we recommend to securely fasten your cover, and ensure that the sheet is not able to flap about.
We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by wear and tear, or degradation through UV. Please also bear in mind that eyelets can come under a lot of pressure, and so any stress points should be reinforced. While the material a tarp is made from may be heavy duty, no such guarantee is given to the eyelets. Fixing additional eyelets can help spread the load. Please also avoid any sharp edges and constant friction which can reduce the lifespan of your cover.

Do the Tarpaulins stand up to windy conditions? What is the best way to secure a tarpaulin?

Yes. However, it is essential that the tarp is tied down properly; if it is not it may tear and the eyelets may fall out. We therefore cannot be held responsible for weather related damage to tarpaulins. We always recommend using bungee cords wherever possible as this absorbs the shock in windy conditions and will help to stop the eyelets ripping from the tarp. It is also recommended to tie down the tarp with rope, by fastening rope around the item to be covered. Furthermore, eyelets are provided as an aid to securing the tarp - they are not designed to have pressure applied to them by ratchet straps or any other misuse.

Are the Tarpaulins guaranteed?

All our products are guaranteed to be free from defect at the time of purchase. Therefore, if your tarp has a defect due to a manufacturing fault, we will replace the item free of charge. Please report any problems before using the tarpaulin. We will always request a digital photograph of the fault. Our warranty does not cover for usage even if eyelets or the tarpaulin rips within 24 hours of purchase. We will not accept any responsibility for the misuse of our tarps for warranty claims.